GUST Campus [1]

The new Mishref campus expresses GUST's vision of higher education in Kuwait and provides the most up-to-date facilities and environment for active learning. With its special emphasis upon science and technology, GUST's new buildings give a strong and positive impression in terms of image, functionality, accessibility, and appearance. The architecture uses modern technology to reinforce the contributions made by the Arab and Islamic World to modern civilization.

Community Outreach [1]

At GUST we strongly believe in the importance of community outreach programs and partnerships. We believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and contribute to the development and improvement of, not only Kuwait, but the entire region as well. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Partnerships with Civil Societies:
GUST has partnered with various civil societies to promote and emphasize the importance of community involvement. GUST has made available all its campus resources and facilities so that the civil societies would benefit from them in their campaigns, public lectures, and events.

Lectures, Arts, and Entertainment
The GUST calendar has numerous events and activities that are free and open to the public. Lectures on various topics include, but are not limited to, religion, politics, economics, and language arts. Moreover, the Student Union and our student clubs also organize events, carnivals, and concerts year round which students and the community can take advantage of. You can check for more over here.

Academic Scholarships
Every semester, GUST offers a limited number of internal GUST scholarships. GUST Scholarships cover full payment of tuition fees or a specific percentage of tuition fees. These scholarships are limited and, thus, highly competitive. This encourages and motivates individuals to excel academically and maintain high academic standards. For more information, you may see here.

Faculty Involvement in the Community
Many of our faculty members are involved in projects that aid the development of various sectors such as education and the economy. Moreover, they are conducting research that focuses on issues of great importance to our community and to its stability. GUST is also committed to building research centers so that students, faculty members, and the community will have access to abundant information which they would not have access to otherwise.

The Public Relations Dept. [2]

The Public Relations and Marketing Department focuses on community outreach. Our role is to communicate GUST’s identity in a tone of voice that resonates with our community and to make sure that how we see GUST is how everyone sees GUST. To achieve this goal, we are constantly building new partnerships that share our principles, understanding our community and responding to its needs, and innovating new modes of communication that help bolster the GUST identity.

Special Projects Coordinator [3]

Job summary

The Coordinator of Special Projects will manage and execute on a wide variety of projects, across a number of functional areas. This person will work closely with team mates to provide support, collaboration, and strategic vision. The Special Projects Coordinator is a position created in response to the strategic alliance made by GUST and REMAS Financial Group to manage initiatives and projects that resulted from the strategic alliance such as the Gulf Financial Center and REMAS Institute. Hence, this role requires someone who is a true team player, pitching in to own and manage projects that are time sensitive and critical. Given the diversity across tasks, the Coordinator of Special Projects will be expected to be versatile and learn and act on new information efficiently, while maintaining a strong attention to detail.

Job description

Community Outreach: Creating and managing programs and events that increase Community engagement; developing strategies for engaging the participation of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and interested community residents in sustainability, entrepreneurship, SMEs and finance. Taking decisions; attending meetings of relevant community groups (often in the evening); interacting and building linkages with our initiatives and the society's finance and sustainability communities.

Local Business Outreach: Creating and managing programs that build relationships with local businesses; developing programs resulting in partnerships with local businesses that support all programs, including marketing, fundraising, education, and local outreach; keeping local businesses informed of recent developments.

Volunteer Coordination: Maintaining and increasing volunteer base; answering volunteer requests; maintaining volunteer contact information in database; notifying volunteers of volunteer opportunities; scheduling, screening, and overseeing volunteers for events; keeping volunteers informed of recent developments.

Marketing: Designing, arranging and managing the creation and distribution of marketing materials and proprietary merchandise.

Organizational Archiving and Administrative Assistance: Managing the cataloging and archiving of all materials including press clips, photographs, maps, video footage, and historical materials. Manage and coordinate with the respective departments all administrative and financial matters related to the special projects. Assist the Director with all administrative tasks.

Community Events: Coordinating community events, exhibitions, and street fairs, including scheduling events, arranging venues, publicizing events, coordinating volunteers, and tracking attendees.

Education Programs: Corresponding and coordinating with educators; acquiring materials and supplies for programs; locating locations for classes; attending classes, openings, and presentations.

PACE and KIF Host 3rd Workshop [4]

Kuwait City, 1 July 2021: Professional Advancement and Continuing Education Center (PACE) at GUST hosted an Insurance Liability workshop in collaboration with the Kuwait Insurance Federation (KIF). This marked the third workshop PACE has held with KIF on insurance liability and included four Kuwaiti insurance companies including Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company, First Takaful Travel Insurance Company, Bahrain Takaful Insurance Company, and KFH Takaful. The workshop took place between May 30 and June 3 via Zoom.

Participants from all four insurance companies participated and took courses that discussed insurance liability for both insurance and reinsurance companies. There were five sessions total that ran for four hours per day and upon completion participants received a certificate for attending and completing the course. A total of 10 participants took part in the course, all members of the four collaborating institutions.

Secretary general of KIF, Mr. Adel Al Rumaih said "that this workshop is a part of a group of courses that are designed for fresh Kuwaiti university graduates to work in the private sector and insurance organizations. Providing them with basic knowledge and principles of protocols in the field of insurance liability."

Acting Senior Director of Professional Development & Community Services, Assistant Professor Ahmad AlDarbas said "Hosting such a vital course is an important part of GUSTs community outreach. We are proud to host the Insurance Liability course with Wethaq Takaful, First Takaful, Bahrain Takaful, and KFH Takaful."

PACE recently hosted a course with Kuwait Insurance Federation (KIF) titled "Integrated Insurance Training Program" which also offered insurance training courses. This course is the third edition and is testament to GUSTs continuous effort to offer courses for industry professionals. PACE offers preparatory exams for the CFA, CPA, CMA, and GMAT, but also offers other courses such as Healthcare Management, Project Management, and a General English Program.


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