SDG2: Zero Hunger

In September 2015, the General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that included 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the principle of "leaving no one behind", the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all.[15] In September 2019, Heads of State and Government came together during the SDG Summit to renew their commitment to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. During this event, they acknowledged that the first four years of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda included major progress, but that overall, the world is not on track to deliver the SDGs.[16] This is when "the decade of action" and "delivery for sustainable development" was launched, demanding stakeholders to speed up the process and efforts of implementation.

SDG 2 aims to end all forms of malnutrition and hunger by 2030 and ensure that everyone has sufficient food throughout the year, especially children. Chronic malnutrition, which affects an estimated 155 million children worldwide, also stunts children's brain and physical development and puts them at further risk of death, disease, and lack of success as adults.

The World Food Program indicates that around 135 million people suffer from acute hunger caused by the climate change, man-made conflicts, and the economic downturns. Around 690 million people across the globe are hungry or around 8.9% of the world population. Sustainable food production system is achieved and implementing resilient agricultural practices aimed at increasing production and productivity. It also seeks to help in maintaining ecosystems and also strengthening capacity for climate change adaptation, drought, extreme weather, and other disasters.

End hunger by providing safe, nutritious, healthy and sustainably sourced food year-round. This goal includes doubling agricultural productivity, increasing access to land and other resources, and expanding investments for the poor and vulnerable.

GUST Students Praised for taking Silver Award for Green Visioners

Associate Professor of Business Administration at GUST, Dr. Michel Zaitouni and the Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Jean-Paul Arnaout, awarded four students who placed second in "The Universities Entrepreneurship Competition", organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, with an award ceremony which took place on GUSTs campus.

This marked the first edition of "Universities Entrepreneurship Competition", which was held on MS teams in March. Teams that participated were asked to provide innovative sustainable solutions to modern day challenges, and were judged for their innovation, financial sustainability, expansion, and social impact. Other universities that participated included Kuwait University, The American University of the Middle East, The Australian College of Kuwait, The Arab Open University, Kuwait Technical College, and The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.

The four students from GUST were Zahraa Aljuraidan, Zeinab Talal Baydoun, Sarah Alkhabbaz, and Sarah AlSemael competing under the team's name, "The Green Visioners", and were led by Associate Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Michel Zaitouni. Their proposal is to grant every individual with the ability to grow their own food in the simplest way possible while contributing to help the environment by adopting a complete sustainable & eco-friendly approach. Their project, titled El Jardín, which means "the garden" in Spanish, provides consumers with a simple, fun, and organic gardening experience in their own homes. Whether they are beginners or have a general knowledge about gardening, consumers of all experiences can enjoy this practice. It aims to tackle different environmental issues by granting the consumer the ability to grow their own fresh food and further simplifying the process with a tutorial embedded in a QR code, with optional SMS updates.
The Green Visioners were celebrated and commended for their success in an award ceremony, with each member presented with a "certificate of achievement" by the Dean himself, while Dr. Michel Zaitouni presented the second-place trophy to the Dean of the College of Business Administration.
Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Jean-Paul Arnaout, said, "This is a great achievement for GUST and for the students involved. As a first edition to the competition, it is impressive the team showed up so well prepared in such a short period of time. I am proud to call them students of the College of Business Administration but more importantly students of GUST. I hope we can go back again next year and achieve the same success."
The achievement of the "The Green Visioners" in the "The Universities Entrepreneurship Competition" is a testament to the outstanding quality and dedication of the students from the College of Business Administration. Recently another group of students also achieved second place in the local CFA challenge in Kuwait, showcasing great academic mastery as young students.

Students Volunteering Clubs

GUST Cares

Kuwait City, June 2021: Student-led clubs at Gulf University for Science and Technology were highly active during the 2020/21 Academic Year, showcasing great organizational skills and progressing activity with meaningful events despite obstacles set by the global pandemic. Due to health and safety protocols set by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, clubs performed all their events virtually and used social media platforms to their advantage by presenting highly interactive events.

Since the 2019/20 summer semester and including the 2020/21 academic year, clubs have produced a total of 153 events. Consisting of virtual panel discussions, interviews, musical performances, academic lectures, cultural events/activities, and much more. There were also competitions and raffles where students got the chance to win prizes and awards. Clubs also worked together on collaborative events by offering their help to the Office of Student Life's (OSL) "GUST Cares" initiative which took place during the holy month of Ramadan. Where they provided their own food and necessity boxes for families in need.

Moreover, OSL promotes competition amongst clubs to allow for greater innovation and creativity by awarding one club every year with the title of "Club of the Year". For the 2020/21 academic year they awarded the Bayan Cultural Club with the title of "Best (Outstanding) Virtual Club of the Year" due to their exceptionally active and well received programs."

Student Clubs Officer for the Office of Student Life, Noor Al-Huda Al-Azzawi said "Despite the conditions and obstacles laid out by the current global pandemic, our student clubs did not hide from the challenge of organizing events and activities from a distance. All clubs deserve to be awarded for their constant efforts for the GUST community."

Currently, GUST has more than 12 active student clubs that constantly serve as a great example of GUST's extraordinary student life and environment. For those interested in following all club activities and events, visit GUST Student Clubs Page which showcases all past and upcoming events.

IFC Ramadan Basket

GUST Collaborated with Al-Najat charity society and distributed donations and food baskets to families with low income.
Related SDGs: SDG1 No poverty and SDG2 Zero Hunger

Syrian Refugees Seminar

The Human Rights Club at GUST conducted a seminar with Aisha AlQassar: Advocate for refugees' rights & war affected women. The seminar was online and Aisha talked about the Syrian refugees situation, their difficult living conditions and what can we do to give help.
Related SDGs: SDG1: No Poverty, SDG2: Zero Hunger, SDG3: Good Health and Well Being, and SDG10: Reduces Inequalities.

Haya Al-Shatti seminar about hope and faith

A seminar about hope and faith by Haya Al-Shatti talking about human rights and low-to-no income, and how to provide help.
Related SDGs: SDG1: No Poverty, SDG2: Zero Hunger, SDG3: Good Health and Well Being, and SDG10: Reduces Inequalities.

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SDG Collage Course
SDG 2 - Zero Hunger CAS SOC 301 Population, Society & Development in the GCC 3.00 Prerequisite: Any course in SOC, POLI, HIST Population, Society & Development in the GCC